#SalesTip - Follow-up Notes

Follow-up notes are a massively underused and undervalued sales tool. A good follow-up note will set you apart from your competitors. Many CIO and CEO’s have told me that they are astounded by the number of sales people who don’t take notes, and don’t send follow-up notes.

A good follow-up demonstrate to the client that you have heard them, and that you are working on the things that are important to them. It also allows you to formalise the plan you have agreed to work on – remember to make sure the prospect/client has things to do as well!

The great news is you can then kill 2 birds with 1 stone - you simply save the follow-up email (or copy and paste the text) into your CRM activity notes, and schedule any future activities. Be diligent about your record keeping – it will help you perform at your peak.

Sell strong!

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