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Improving B2B Sales Performance

We help our customers help their customers

Leveraging both research and real-world experience, we have created sales models for today’s business-to-business sales environment.  Through training, coaching and advisory services, we give you the techniques you need to improve your sales performance.


Hi, I'm Dave Knight

Sales is not what most people think it is.

It is not ‘closing the deal’, ‘getting the order’, or ‘persuading the customer to buy something’.  As a Gen X'er I was lucky to be in the last cohort of salespeople to be trained in some of the best sales processes available.

Now I'm bringing what I've learned, and I'm helping others to improve their sales effectiveness.

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Claire, WLG

“I found the course very useful. It was great to be reminded that we are helping clients, and providing value and insights for them."

Grant, Webinar Attendee

"Great webinar packed full of insights. Many thanks! "

Christie, Webinar Attendee

“An excellent presentation on selling to the B2B market segment with a detailed analysis of the buyer's decision-making process, and how to increase sales!”

Dave's Sales Tips

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Wellington, New Zealand

+64 21 277 8808

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