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It's not what we say, it's what our clients say that counts!

'As an owner of a niche software team in Wellington, my most important responsibility is the sales function.  However, like many business owners, I have learnt how to sell on the job with a heap of trial and errors.  


I always knew I had to improve my sales ability, and subconsciously was looking for someone who to help me improve that skill. There is no shortage of people who call themselves coaches, but there aren’t many who can walk the talk.  

When I came across Dave, I instantly knew he was someone who had the capability to work with me to achieve the outcome I need.   

Thanks Dave for your help; it has already made a significant impact on one of our key measures, which is reducing the cycle time.' 


Managing Director

 'Dave quickly grasped our business and his questions and insights caused me to continually refocus my client engagements on helping with their priorities, not selling software.

This lead to much sharper client meetings, saving time and shortening the sales cycle.  Most importantly it increased our value to our clients, and our deal size. 

Even though we are a successful US based multinational software company, Hear:Say:Do's independent advise added significant value to not only me, but also our clients, and our wider sales team'.


Senior Sales Professional

Enterprise Software

'As a career sales professional with wide experience across a range of other business functions I've come to value Dave's innate ability to easily identify and focus upon key barriers and enablers to business success. 


He develops clear images of strength and weakness from a brief precis', informs himself further by focused questioning, and is quickly able to elucidate next steps toward positive outcomes.


As a business owner, I continue to engage with Dave because he listens, questions, challenges and rationalises selling in a way that helps me to engage with clients more effectively.  But importantly, beyond selling alone, I learn so much more about myself and the way I and my company operate, which helps me to build a stronger, more effective and successful business.


Founder and Principal Adviser

Tall Tree Business Advisory

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