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Helping You Grow

Principle 1 - You're On The Team

We are surprised how many organisations hire sales people based on their past success, then try and transform the same sales person into something they are not.  At Hear:Say:Do we acknowledge that you are on the team - you know how to sell.  But just like an elite athlete can always learn more from a good coach, there are things you can do to improve your game.  We build on what you have - we don't try and change who you are.

Principle 2 - Big Doors Swing On Little Hinges

You don't need to make massive changes to get massive change!  How many times in life have you made a small adjustment in something as simple as tuning your TV or radio, and found that the outcome is exponentially better then the prior state?  Same with sales - you're on the team, now let's tune you.

Principle 3 - Own and Act


You can talk to your personal trainer all you like, but unless you lift the weights, nothing changes.  We will give you the best we have to give, but you need to own the process and take the actions.  Own it, and take action.

Principle 4 - Enjoy the Journey

Some say the journey is the destination, so make sure you enjoy the journey. Whether that is strictly true or not, isn't the point.  What's important is that you enjoy the process - that you see improvements, and that you celebrate all your successes along the way.  After all, if there is only one shot at life, it might as well be fun.

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