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Sales Coaching

Ongoing sessions

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Course Description

Hear:Say:Do – our name reflects our approach to sales coaching. We will listen to you, provide feedback and develop an action plan. Let's face it, you're on the team - you know how to sell. But even athletes in the world are relying on coaches and technical advisers to continually improve. Hear: Tell us your goals, your aspirations and your challenges. Take us through what you do today and how you find, engage and deliver to your clients. Tell us what works, and what you'd like to change. Say: Based on our ongoing analysis this is where we provide feedback - we give you our point of view. Hear:Say is ongoing and iterative as together we tune your performance. Do: Together we will develop an action plan. And together we will work through each action to make sure you improve your execution. We don't just talk, we do! The Hear:Say:Do: Sales Coaching is never a one-off session, and much like time spent with a personal trainer your result will improve and build on each other over time. Let’s have a chat. Call us for an 1 h free consultation.

Venue Details

+64 21 277 8808

Level 6 level 6/1 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand

Claire, WLG

“I found the course very useful. It was great to be reminded that we are helping clients, and providing value and insights for them."

Richard, WLG

"Dave is an excellent Sales Communicator and Coach. So much easier to hear and chat about concepts than read about them. Dave has great interactive skills and very authentic without being preachy and overconfident. Just finds the right balance."
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