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Stop being a beach boys sales person

Chatting to a colleague this morning, he was talking about a change programme he is working on and was showing me the various persona groups of stakeholders.

One persona group he has identified is the “Beach Boys”. These are the ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ people…

As sales people we never want to be the Beach Boys. Beach Boy sales people say crazy stuff like….

Wouldn’t it be nice if:

  • I had a different territory

  • my quota was lower

  • I had more marketing support

  • my brand was better known

  • my product had some extra features

  • my sales coach (that's me) wasn’t an arse

  • my competitors were less active

Don’t be a beach boy sales person. That sucks.

Be focussed, be deliberate. Own it and crush it.

Sell strong!

PS - if you need help with your businesses change, connect with Grant.

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