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Meet David Knight at Hutt Valley Chamber's Lunchtime Learning

Come along to a Hutt Valley Chamber Lunchtime Learning session hosted by our Sales Coach and HearSayDo Founder, David Knight.

Register here and learn about modern selling concepts to increase your sales performance and take the opportunity to discuss them in person with Dave.

5 Things That Stop You Selling More

So many people we talk to are relying on sales techniques from last century. Even worse, many younger sales professionals are relying on advice from someone who learned things last century! Change is inevitable and, as we learn and evolve, many of the things that we once believed to be the best, simply aren’t anymore. Does anyone want to use a Walkman for portable music? So it is with sales.

What we have learned since last century:

  • ROI doesn’t matter.

  • Your product isn’t important.

  •  ‘Always be closing’ is terrible advice.

  • Relationships are not the most important thing.

  • There is no decision maker.

In this Lunchtime Learning session, David Knight will uncover five new sales concepts that have replaced antiquated ideas. Following the presentation there will be time to connect with Dave and other Hutt Valley Chamber members and exchange your experience.


When: Tuesday, 7th of May

Time: 12pm

Where: Hutt Valley Chamber, 15 Daly St, Lower Hutt

We are looking forward to meeting you there!


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