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Resources - Visual Thinking, Problem Solving & Communication

HearSayDo is all about helping our customers help their customers. In our SELL MORE Webinars we share valuable insights, practical tips and thought-provoking ideas around sales and provide a space to connect with our team and other salespeople.

Watch the recording of the first episode of our second webinar series "Visual Thinking, Problem Solving & Communication":


Sales is about innovation and problem solving. That means it's definitely about communicating effectively. Whether it's meeting with clients, sending follow-up notes, or crafting proposals, simplicity and coherence are key to guiding customers through our journey. 

I am pleased to introduce you to Kim Quirke, a master problem solver and visual thinker. She's all about breaking down complex business projects into digestible themes for quick comprehension and action. 

Having seen the chaos caused by unclear strategies and communication first-hand, Kim founded Hummingbird Design. Her consultancy specializes in solving business problems through visual thinking, helping organizations navigate change with clear visuals and strategic conversations. 

Ready to boost your sales game? Join our webinar to learn how to about simplify and improve communication to help you sell more. 

You can find the resources mentioned on the following links:



  • The Noun Project: Noun Project is building a global visual language that unites us — a language that allows quick and easy communication no matter who you are or where you are.

We know you will get value from Kim's presentation, so please feel free to share this link with as many people as you like.

Join us again for our next lunchtime webinar on April, 10. Dave will talk about "5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started in Sales".


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