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Resource - Why Values Matter in Sales and Business - SELL MORE Webinar #3

HearSayDo is all about helping our customers help their customers. In our SELL MORE Webinars we share valuable insights, practical tips and thought-provoking ideas around sales and provide a space to connect with our team and other salespeople.

Watch the recording of the third episode of our webinar series "Why Values Matter in Sales and Business":

You can download a copy of Darren's slides just below:

2023 11 22 - HearSayDo - Webinar - Why values matter in sales and business - Sell More
Download PDF • 4.49MB


Is sales art or science? The answer is 'yes'. It is both. As well as providing tactical tips to improve sales performance, we know that better people make better sales people. That's why values matter to us.

Darren Whitaker-Barnett is no conformist. He is a salesperson at heart who lives by the values of courage, dedication, honour, and hard work.

In this webinar Darren talks about his journey from starting a lawn mowing business in Palmerston North while still at school, through to importing chicken's feet for the hospitality industry and many other ventures.

He talks candidly about the value of his values of dedication, courage, honour and hard work in all he does, and how living those values drives everything he does.

You can find the resources mentioned on the following links:

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We know you will get value from Darren's presentation, so please feel free to share this link with as many people as you like.


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