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You don't have a closing problem! - SELL MORE Webinar Episode 2

HearSayDo is all about helping our customers help their customers. In our SELL MORE Webinars we share valuable insights, practical tips and thought-provoking ideas around sales and provide a space to connect with our team and other sales people.

Watch the recording of the second episode of our webinar series "You don't have a closing problem":

You can download a copy of Dave's slides just below.

2023 11 01 - HearSayDo Webinar - You Don't Have A Closing Problem
Download PDF • 2.52MB


The economy has turned and it is harder than ever to close deals. But you probably don't have a closing problem.

Simply put too many sales professionals work on deals that will never close. One study found that anywhere between 40% and 60% of deals where the buyer had expressed an intent to purchase never went ahead.

How do you know whether the deal you are working on is a real deal or just a time and resource drain? Qualifying is not about 'budget' or 'who has authority'. It is about priority.

In our free webinar Dave will share a simple model for determining if the customer really has a need to invest so you can focus your time, energy, insights and company resources where you can have the most impact.

Resources mentioned in the webinar:

  1. HBR Article - Stop Losing Sales to Customer Indecision ( - Article by Matt Dixon and Ted McKenna as an extract from their book, The Jolt Effect.

  2. Book – The Challenger Sale: How To Take Control of the Customer Conversation. Published in 2011 this book explores why, during the GFC, some salespeople and some sales organisations grew. They identify the learnable traits and skills that salespeople can deploy to improve sales performance. This book lead to the growth of using ‘commercial insights’ in sales.

  3. Book – The Challenger Customer – Selling To The Hidden Influencer Who Can Multiple Your Results. Published in 2015 as a follow-up to The Challenger Sale, the authors explore the implications of buying groups, and outline how to identify the mobilisers who are most likely to drive change, and therefore sales, in their organisations. This book is about customers, not salespeople, which makes it a most important read for all salespeople!

  4. Book – Value Selling – Driving Up Sales One Conversation At A Time. Published in 2006, this book is slightly dated, but provides a great framework for discussing customers' priorities, their key initiatives, their challenges and how to get to the value of your offering.

  5. VLOG – Talk About What You See, Not What You Do. A simple tip for moving to insights-based conversations. Building insight selling is really an organisation wide initiative, but not many organisations have the capability to do it well. So, what can salespeople do? The HearSayDo vlog will continue to explore ideas that salespeople can deploy without relying on others.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next webinar!


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